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Revelation Church’s proposed new building at the Bozrah Campus.

The new, larger, Revelation Church building will be built in a way that is focused on only what we need to make church happen. That is, more space in our sanctuary to fill with seats for people to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We project we will need $3.5 million for the building that will provide the space needed for the growth that the Lord is sending us.

We also need a larger space for our fast growing Children’s ministry. Currently, this is the area of concern. We have done the best with what we have, but at this point, we have no more available square footage to give to the children’s ministry. In the projected floorpan of our new building, the new Rev Kids ministry will be 4x larger than the one we are currently in!

In addition, we will have more (and much better) parking for everyone that will be attending the weekend.

In addition to the new building, RevCamp is a project that was made evident to me when the Lord blessed us with so much land. It’s going to be an opportunity for our teens and kids to experience the Lord, while being taken away from distractions of their everyday lives. RevCamp is also going to be available for other local churches to use. Currently, the closest Christian camp to travel to is in New York. What a blessing it will be to be able to provide an amazing space to the numerous youth groups around us! Our current church building will then become part of RevCamp. It will house the youth sanctuary and breakout rooms needed for youth church and youth camp events. We project we will need and additional $1.5 million to get the early phase of the youth camp started and ready for youth groups across the state to start using!

Currently, we are in a phase of taking down structures on the property that are not going to be used where they are. As this process ensues, we are being mindful of materials that we will repurpose for use at RevCamp. An additional $150,000 of income has been provided by a logging company that is removing the large trees from the property, which is healthy for the environment, allowing the smaller trees to grow. We estimate that the leftover wood we will sell as firewood will raise $150,000 towards the vision campaign.